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Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)

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By: Staff Writer Nathaniel Brayton

Rated: PG-13

127 min.

Snow White is back in theaters for a second time this year but is she the fairest of them all?

An extremely hot Evil Queen (Charlize Theron) seeks eternal life and beauty and overthrows kingdoms in the land with her dark magic. All of this, because women can hold grudges like no other. Only Snow White (Kristen Stewart), who is the purest of them all, can break the curse and stop the Queen. Yeah, yeah. I think we are familiar with the story of Snow White, especially with Mirror Mirror recently in theaters and Once Upon A Time taking over the television airwaves this year.

What you expected: Amazing special effects and an emotionless Stewart.

What you get: It’s true. Most of the special effects are truly breathtaking, especially when the tone in grim. The film really captures the somber environment of the kingdom ruled by the Evil Queen. However, when the group travels to, what we can call, the Disney inspired version of Snow White, the effects look dated and fake. For the purposes of this film, I wish that stylistically it would have stayed away from the scenes that play to a younger audience. There could have been a better way for to portray a sanctuary without breaking up the film.

Your question: Can Kristen Stewart play a good Snow White and carry the film?

I usually don’t pay attention to the criticism of Stewart and her emotionless Twilight role, but it carried over in this performance. Stewart was supposed to portray a truly pure princess. However, I rarely got the feeling that she was the ‘chosen one’ and could stop the Evil Queen. In fact, I got the feeling that many people in the audience were gunning for the Evil Queen. At one point, Snow White gives a speech towards the end of the movie to try to rally the troops. However, instead of delivering an inspiring speech, like in Independence Day, her loud voice has one level, awkward. Overall, I don’t think Stewart gave the character enough innocence and kindness it would take to play Snow. Instead she gave off an emo/misunderstood vibe.

You Thought: Chris Hemsworth is going to play a kick-ass hunky Huntsman.

And you would not be wrong. Hemsworth does a good job playing this type-casted character. The Huntsman is the only character with any real depth that the audience can make a connection to or rally behind. Not to mention again that his is a plus for all the ladies in the crowd, with his large flexing muscles and long flowing hair. I mean, I’ve only heard those things about him; I didn’t really notice. . .

Other Notes:

I really like that there was a sense of urgency to stop the Queen. It made her feel more evil because she is extremely cold-blooded and will stop at nothing to get what she wants. She conjures spells that are creepy, gross, and makes hairs curl.

There was a scene, however, where a character flops on the floor like a fish, which is completely laughable and takes the audience out of the experience. Truly some of the worst acting/direction I’ve ever seen in one contained scene.

I’m really glad with the direction they took the magic mirror. It was innovative the way the mirror came to life.

The ending just cuts off. For the audience members that did establish a connection with the characters, it would have been nice to take two minutes extra to wrap up the story. I’m not talking about a Return of the King type ending, but some ending would have been nice.


Is it a great summer action movie? Yes

Is it Inception/Batman/LOTR quality and should you expect that? Definitely not.

Snow White and the Huntsman was a fun action film, with great special effects. I like the dark, imaginative environment,  and felt engrossed in the overall experience, especially in the dark forest. However, Snow White gave a weak performance and the Huntsman is regrettably forgettable.

“I don’t like killing girls. 

                 I do!”

7.5 out of 10


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