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Prometheus (2012)

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Rated: R

2 hrs 4 min

By staff writer: Thomas Balgairies

A movie about the origins of man is unable to shake the burden of being the origins of Alien, kind of ironic isn’t it? Unfortunately this is the issue with Prometheus, the audience, half will come in expecting the origin story of the Alien series and half will come in expecting a cool science fiction film. I can easily tell you that the latter will leave the film endlessly more pleased than the former. Prometheus is not a prequel to the Alien series, not in the direct sense of the term, but it does have its links that will leave the more open minded Alien fans pleased. Having seen most of the Alien films several times, I came into this thinking it would be a pseudo prequel, and I think that’s the way to look at it to get the most out of this movie, but enough about the whole prequel or not drama and on to the actual film, and what a film it is.

In a nutshell, the film is about a group of researchers who find pictures on planet Earth that depict large men looking at the stars. They join up with a large corporation to do what any good scientist would do, which is finding that planet. As expected they reach their destination, find strange ruins, and from that point on things go downhill. The plot itself is fairly solid and all the characters are interesting enough to keep you in your seat to see what happens to them. After a certain point in the film things begin to unravel quickly which leads to a not so shocking reveal and a fairly satisfying end that leaves plenty of room for future films.

Noomi Rapace (Girl with a Dragon Tattoo) plays Elizabeth Shaw and does a great job of keeping that Sigourney Weaver feeling of a strong leading lady. She is both courageous and smart which makes you want to root for her. Charlize Theron plays Meredith Vickers, where she assumes her usual role of smoking hot ice queen. For me though the man that steals the show is Micheal Fassbender as David. David is an android built by the Weyland Corporation and serves as the ship’s jack of all trades. As the story progresses, David begins to develop an opinion of the crew which leads him to perform more than questionable actions throughout the film. Fassbender does an outstanding job of looking cold and emotionless, things that you don’t usually look for in an acting performance funnily enough. Guy Pearce plays the elderly Weyland, but I’d be damned if anyone was actually able to recognize him. The rest of the cast is rock solid and throughout the film I cared about every character that had screen time.

Esthetically, the film is gorgeous. The first time I saw the film in theaters was in IMAX 3D and that is definitely where the film shines. Having said that, the picture still looks spectacular in the plain old two dimensions but the added depth and screen size make it a great experience. I think that the only complaint that people will have about this movie is that nothing really happens for a good chunk of it, but as soon as the ball gains some momentum, events unravel in a very satisfying way. Another complaint that may be linked to that is the length of the film, as some may feel like it runs a little long, but in my opinion that feeling completely dissipates once the movie gets rolling.  As I said before there are plenty of nods to the Alien franchise that add a little bit of fun to the movie, especially in the final moments of the film. Overall this is an outstanding film that easily ranks in my top five films of the last five maybe even ten years, and is definitely an experience that is worth your time.

9.5out of 10

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