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The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

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By: Staff Writer Nathaniel Brayton

Rated: PG-13

2 hrs 16 min

A scientist who is under pressure from the heads of Oscorp, tests on humans too early, creating The Lizard. It’s up to Spider-Man, who is dealing with many teenage, adult, and vigilante issues, to stop him.

The teenage superhero slings back into action in this reboot. And, for me it’s only natural to compare this movie to the 2002 franchise.

Old Cast vs The Amazing Spider-Man:

Winner is-The Amazing Spider-Man. The reboot has an overall better cast and actors, especially hot Emma Stone. She is by far the best actor is the film and upstages Andrew Garfield, who was the best actor in the completely over rated The Social Network.

This film tries to depict Andrew Garfield as an outcast and a loser but that fails. He rides a skateboard, he’s very fashionable, and my girlfriend finds him attractive. That doesn’t sound like a loser to me. He’s basically a bad-ass.

How was Andrew Garfield as an actor? I thought the moments where he cried were his worst parts but he excelled at being a superhero with a lot of lip. Overall, I can’t decide yet who I like better but I’m sure most people will say Andrew.

The villain The Lizard. For me, I thought he was great. I loved the actor and the special effects were great. I thought he was menacing and crazy, which makes him a threat. Sometimes in films the villain seems weak but I think The Amazing Spider-Man does a good job of showing the Lizard Man as a force that needs to be stopped (if that makes sense).

I know this was a reboot and that it is a retelling of the original story of Spider-Man but I couldn’t help but feel like I was watching the 2002 film all over again. I really can’t complain because it is the origin story of Spider-Man. Why they decided to re-tell it, we may never. I just felt that I wanted more original content.

What was new were some of Spidey’s moves. They actually gave him more Spider like characteristics. For example, in one fight scene, he crawls on and around his opponent and spins a web on him, which was genius.

I did not like how obvious the Spider-Man was. There were a few points were he starts to show off his powers with many people around but everyone just turns a blind eye. They never put two and two together, which was extremely frustrating.

One thing that I found inconsistent with this film was it didn’t know whether it was serious or cheesy. Something that good superhero movies do well in my opinion, is trying to take out most of the cheese, which makes it a more believable universe. A good example of this is the new Batman franchise. I believe that the world of Gotham could actually exist. I know that’s not how all comic books/superhero fans see it though. However, The Amazing Spider-Man does its serious moments so well. But as soon as those moments are over, it returns to the feeling of the saturday morning cartoon. I wish it would have just picked one style (the serious one) and ran with it.

Overall though, it was great to see Spider-Man back in the big screen. If only he was with The Avengers.

The Amazing Spider-Man was good and entertaining but it was not outstanding.

8.0 out of 10

“You seriously think I’m a cop in a skin-tight red and blue suit?”

My Spider-Man movie list:

1. Spider-Man 2

Tied for 2nd. Spider-Man 1 and The Amazing Spider-Man

4. Spider-Man 3 (Emo Toby)

What did you think of this reboot? Where does The Amazing Spider-Man rank on your list?


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