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Ted (2012)

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By Staff Writer Thomas Balgairies

Rated: R

1 hr 46 min

Oh Ted, I think I hyped you up a little too much. I wanted you to become my new favorite rated R comedy. You tried, you really did, but ultimately you fell short. Now, this doesn’t mean that Ted is a bad movie, not true at all. It is actually a very competent comedy, but a couple of the pieces keep it from achieving greatness.

Seth MacFarlane (creator of Family Guy) brings us Ted, the premise of which is simple enough. A young and lovely boy has no friends, but one Christmas his parents buy him a teddy bear, and they instantly become the best of buds. One night the boy wishes that Ted, his bear, was alive and by some Christmas magic his wish comes true.

Flash forward a couple decades and we find our boy John Bennett getting baked on his couch with his live teddy bear. This is essentially the premise of Ted. John played by Mark Wahlberg (Contraband, Invincible) is a screw up, a loser, and a man child. He spends his days doing absolutely nothing with his BFF Ted who is voiced by MacFarlane. Shockingly he has a gorgeous and successful lady friend Lori, who is played by Mila Kunis, and the central plot point to this movie is John f-ing up his relationship with Lori on a regular basis. That’s all there is to the plot, it keeps the movie going but it’s nothing to write home about. One fault I see in it though is that I just don’t understand how someone can be as patient as Lori is in this movie.

The problem with Ted is that it has plenty of “laugh out loud” moments, but between those moments there isn’t really anything keeping you interested. As for the performances, Wahlberg is great; he plays the loveable idiot perfectly. The bear itself is awesomely rendered and looks amazingly realistic, showing clear emotion and both good and bad ones. Macfarlane shows off his voice acting chops acquired from doing Family Guy for so many years and really makes Ted a memorable character. Sadly the weak link in this movie is Mila Kunis (it pains me to say this but it’s true). Her performance is just flat, she has her moments throughout the movie but overall it’s kind of just meh.

Overall Ted is an enjoyable film, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t see it as a film that I’ll watch over and over again. The jokes are there and 95% of them hit their mark, and most of the performances are good. Even with both of those things going for it, I couldn’t shake the feeling of having just watched a decent and long episode of Family Guy. That may be off-putting to some people but I didn’t mind it too much at all. Thunder buddies for life.

7.5out of 10


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