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The Definitive/Not So Definitive Pixar Films List

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All three lists have been posted. If you haven’t gotten a chance to look at them you can do so here (Emily J), here (Thomas B.), and here (Nathaniel B.).

After averaging the scores, this the order of the Keep It Reel’s staff favorite Pixar films, starting with the bottom and working our way to the very best.

Starting the list off with no rating whatsoever, because none of the staff has seen it, is Cars 2.

Following its brother at number 10, is Cars.

At number9is A Bug’s Life.

In the 8spot, we have Up

Lucky number 7 is a tie between Monsters Inc. and Toy Story 2

The Incredibles does one better at number 6

Our favorite robot, Wall-E, is sitting tall at 5

The original Pixar film, Toy Story, comes in at 4

And the final installment of the trilogy is3rd on our list

Number 2 Finding Nemo

And our  #1Pixar Film is Ratatouille

Do you think we got it wrong? Leave a comment with your list!


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