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Reel Talk (OUYA, Oz, Loopers, Total Recall, Hitman Absolution, Batman and more!)

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By: Staff Writer Nathaniel Brayton

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It’s time to break away from the traditional reviewing format for one post so I can talk about what I find relevant and just plain awesome. And hopefully, you will be interested too. So, lets just jump right in.


The OUYA, is a new Android based gaming console that has a lot of people talking. In fact, people aren’t just talking; they are donating money, lots of it. If you check out the Kickstarter page for OUYA here, you will see that they’ve exceeded their goal of $950,000 and raised over $4.5 million dollars. I guess that speaks to the community support and demand for a device like this. OUYA essentially is going to be a console that anyone can develop for, which is completely unheard of. What’s neat about the OUYA for me is that the community has this chance to be involved in something big; something that can change the gaming market. Check out their video. Would you buy the OUYA when/if it is released?


Oz, The Great and Powerful 

I saw this trailer recently, which stars James Franco and I don’t know how to feel about it. I’ve been waiting forever for a remake of The Wizard of Oz (I know that might be considered blasphemy by most) and it looks like I’ll have to wait a little longer. The trailer (below) shows parts containing some of the lore of Oz, like the evil witch and flying monkeys, but it also incorporates some new scenery. It looks very Alice in Wonderland-esque. I’m hoping that the film will be good and doesn’t give another Tin Man (Zooey Deschanel).

Looper/Total Recall

I love when movies take the time to make incredible trailers and these are two movies where the trailers have absolutely blown me away. However, with great trailers come big expectations and it’s always disappointing when the movie fails to live up to the hype. That being said I don’t think that I’m in for a disappointment here.

Looper stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis, who are the same person just in the future. That alone is enough for me to go see it. Not to mention time travel!

The remake of Total Recall, staring Collin Farrell and hot Kate Beckinsale gives us a chance to review the classic film alone and then compare to the new one. That means more content for your guys. Go ahead and give both trailers a look and leave a comment telling us which movie you are wanting to go see.


G.I. Joe Retaliation 

Speaking of movies I was excited for, what happened to G.I. Joe Retaliation? The 6.29.12 release date has gone and passed. It was scheduled for this summer but now I’m hearing that it got pushed back to 2013! What a bummer. I’m not saying that the first G.I. Joe was amazing, but it was entertaining and now the sequel stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Bruce Willis, how can I not be excited?  I think the same thing happened with Jack the Giant Killer. They are probably waiting for a time where the competition won’t be as stiff. And you can blame them; this has been a huge summer for movies and they would probably tanked if they released next to Batman.


The Dark Knight Rises

I don’t think you can understand how excited I am for this film. Will Bane break Batman’s back? Will Joseph Gordon Levitt become Batman? There are so many questions I have for this movie, which makes it extremely tough to not have extremely high expectations. I bought my tickets the day they went on pre-sale for the Alamo Draft House and have been counting down the days since.

You can expect a review right after I see it and then another after it’s settle in or I see it a second time. We may actually have, for the first time, multiple writers review it just because, it is that big. 

Hitman Absolution

I’d thought I would end this post with an article, which I found via Felicia Day. After you watch the trailer and wrap your mind around the life-like visuals, take a second to comprehend what just happened.

The male gaze is a theory where media puts the audience in the eyes of a straight male, which most of the time is degrading and objectifying to women. However, there are those (women included) who believe that this over sexualization gives females a sense of empowerment. So, I thought this article was very well written and at least worth a look.

Check out the article here->

Opinion: Video games and Male Gaze – are we men or boys?

That’s really it for now. I know there is a lot more cool movies, games, and news coming out but this has just been what’s on my mind. Hopefully, soon we can see what some of the other staff writers are up to.

O, I almost forgot to thank everybody that has been reading the blog. We really appreciate your support and we will keep doing our best to put out great content.

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