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Before The Dark Knight Rises! The Perfect T.E.N. Podcast Episode #4

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Listen to what we expect and want to see happen in The Dark Knight Rises. Listen Here-> Perfect T.E.N. Podcast

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In this episode, Thomas has been playing indie games, Ethan’s been playing Dragon Age, and Nathaniel is reading Ms. Marvel. We also get ready for the release of Dark Knight Rises with some pre-game discussion, followed by speculation on the next-gen consoles and future of gaming.

We really need some intro/interlude bumpers so if you would like to have a 15 second or so sound bite on our show, send it our way! We’ll take it!

To submit emails to the show or contact us,

You can follow Ethan on twitter @Captain_12AM and Nathaniel @Nbrayton17 as well as @kirreviews

Check out our respective blogs as well!


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