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Batman Shooting (12 Dead)

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This is what the police know so far. Read the article . . . here.

It seems that a young male, they believe in his mid 20’s, was responsible for the premeditated murders that took place in a Colorado movie theater. The report is that about 50 people are injured; it’s unclear from what (gun shots/ shrapnel). But, we keep them in our prayers.

It is sad that one man can change the tone of an entire nation. Cinema is for fun. It is where we get away from the realities of real life. For someone to violate that trust like that is atrocious, but we will rise above it. Like we always do, we have to think of all the good in the world.

However, the fact remains that our focus and attention should be on the victims. Make sure when you go out that you are aware of your surroundings. Keep safe everyone.


By: Staff Writer Nathaniel Brayton


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