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Get to the bottom of Source Code

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So this another movie where a scene is visited over and over again revealing a little bit of information every time you watch it. Let the comparisons to Vantage Point begin.

Jake Gyllenhaal is the lead in this film and he plays a soldier who is taking part in a program that sends him back in time to try and prevent a terrorist from causing another¬†incident. I really don’t want to have any sort of spoilers in this review, because I found the story to be quite enjoyable. The acting is solid but not great. Gyllenhaal does a good job and is very likable.

Now about the comparisons to Vantage Point. Being a fan of both films I have to admit that Source Code handles the repetitiveness a little better. This is because every time Jake goes back to the scene he attempts to change it. In Vantage Point you get the same scene every time just a slightly different perspective, which gets a annoying a little more quickly.

Overall this is a fun film with very good twists. It’s a fun ride and definitely worth your time and money.

8.0 out of 10


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