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Play Secret Agent with Safe House

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Frost is a dangerous rogue agent who is captured by the CIA and brought to a safe house for interrogation. The safe house is attacked and 1st year agent must keep Frost under custody while keeping himself alive. Let’s dive in.

Our fledgling CIA agent is played by Ryan Reynolds (Buried) and Frost is played by Denzel Washington (Man on Fire), and let me just say they put on a show. This is a case where the movie’s stars truly carry a film. Washington’s character is a total manipulator and he portrays that perfectly, getting into the mind of anyone he talks to especially Reynold’s character.

There are plenty of other very competent performances throughout this film but they don’t really compare to that of the leads. The action sequences are tight and tense. This includes various lengthy chase scenes both on foot and in cars that are done very well. The fight sequences are up close and feel very personal. Finally the dialogue is well delivered and well written.

These sequences and in part the plot leave you on the edge of your seat throughout the film making it an overall enjoyable ride.

7.5 out of 10

You can’t get in my head.

I already am in your head.


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