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The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Review

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Rated: PG-13

2 hrs 45 min

By: Staff Writer Nathaniel Brayton

Batman has always been a tortured soul and The Dark Knight Rises is a character piece which illustrates that side of him. But before we get into the film, lets talk about some other things related to The Dark Knight Rises.

First, there is this great movement going on to help the Colorado shooting victims. Many theaters are asking for donations to help out the families. The theater I was in, inserted a slide asking for a moment of silence. It was a classy act and I’m glad everyone is taking the time to acknowledge such a tragic event.

Secondly, the teaser trailer for Man of Steel was shown. The best scene is when young Clark Kent (I’m assuming), ties a red towel around his neck and puts his hands down bent at his waist, striking the iconic pose. After the trailer was over, a man in my theater yelled out “Superman is better than Batman!” and almost got booed out. But it was a great nerd bonding moment for the entire theater.

Now, Batman. In The Dark Knight Rises, Batman has taken a leave of absence with the crime rates dropping to almost non-existent. However, Bane comes to be the reckoning of Gotham.

Something good that people will notice from the start, are the effects, of Batman becoming the vilain in the last film, on the city and on the main characters like Commissioner Gordon and Bruce Wayne. You get to see that being a hero comes at a steep price for many. Early on, Gordon wants to come clean to Gotham about the events involving the death of Harvey Dent because it has hurt him for so long to honor this man. And later on, other people question his moralities, rather unjustly, for trying to make Dent look like hero in the first place. You even see Alfred’s emotions (oscar worthy) get out of hand when he scolds Bruce. All the acting in the film felt genuine and raw, which was a very good thing.

When Bane arrives in Gotham, he is nothing less than a legend himself. Bane is smart, strong, fast, and above all, a real threat to Gotham. The character of Bane is complex yet simple at the same time. Hardy plays Bane in a calm and calculated manner, which is very chilling. His back story is pretty awesome and The Dark Knight Rises does a good job of telling it in pieces throughout the movie. Bane forces the Batman to put on the cape once again. However, Batman is not in his prime like he used to be. Actually, it’s great how the Batman has become sort of myth. Some cops have seen him, others don’t believe that he ever existed. So when he returns, it’s a big deal and everyone wants a glimpse.

Like I said before, The Dark Knight Rises is a character piece, and this movie introduces a few new ones. Hathaway is great as Catwoman and her suit looks pretty awesome. The movie does a great job bringing out her ambiguous nature and look on Gotham City and Batman. The scenes where Batman and Catwoman have to fight and work together as a team are awesome.  Also, Joseph Gordon-Levitt does a great job as the ‘hot-headed’ cop, John Blake. Blake gets frustrated by the limitations that cops have and wants to do more good in the world. Expect these characters to be in the film a lot, maybe even more than Batman.

If I have one gripe about this movie, it’s the audio quality. I know what your thinking, but I thought Bane’s voice was actually the best in the film. It was clear, crisp, and loud. It was all the other characters’ voices that were hard to understand. My theory is that when they were fixing Bane’s voice, the others got turned down. I had to actually strain to hear what they were saying, but all the action volume was fine.

There is so much to talk about in this film and I’m sure a spoiler review will be coming soon. Also, on the next Podcast we will be discussing The Dark Knight Rises, so be looking forward to that. If you want to hear what we thought would happen in the film, check out our last Podcast here-> The Perfect T.E.N. Podcast

Overall, the film was great! All of the people giving the movie bad reviews must have been expecting something else. However, I believe Nolan does a great job of keeping his universe consistent and giving us a great emotional ending to one of the best franchises ever. Batman is and will always be the best superhero.

I give The Dark Knight Rises a

9.5 out of 10

and I give the series a

10out of 10

“When Gotham is ashes, you have my permission to die.”

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