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Get the Gringo (2012) Movie Review

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Rated: R

Run Time: 96 min

So, I know Mel Gibson has fallen very far out of favor with many people, which is totally understandable. I still think he is a good actor though. So today I decided to check out Get the Gringo. We follow Gibson, a criminal and his time in a Mexican jail that is like nothing you have ever seen before. The plot twists and turns, leaving you with a moderately satisfied experience.

I’m going to be honest I had never heard of this film. Never saw a preview, a teaser, nothing. Not even for the DVD which actually came out fairly recently. So I expected the worst, but ended up being pleasantly surprised. Let me put this out there, this film is not great, but it is pretty good. The story is about Gibson, a career criminal who, after his latest bust, gets shipped off to an unorthodox Mexican jail. There he makes friends with a mother and her child. Their relationship is a lot of fun and the kid is probably the best part of the movie.

Essentially, the whole story is Gibson trying to get out, recover the money that was stolen from him, and spring the mom and kid free. It’s a fun ride, with good action and decent dialogue. If you’re having a slow day or you want something to watch that won’t make you think too hard check this one out.

6.5 out of 10


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