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The Dark Knight Rises – Spoiler Review


By: Staff Writer Nathaniel Brayton

Welcome back! We apologize for the brief hiatus but we are back and ready to talk Batman.

Now that I have given time for The Dark Knight Rises to settle in and most of you have seen the film, it’s time to discuss spoilers. In this review we will be answering questions about the film that we have received and some thoughts that came to me during the film. If you have any questions that you would like to be answered about any film, feel free to leave a comment here or on our Facebook page.

If any of our readers listened to the our latest episode of The Perfect T.E.N. Podcast, you will recall that I boldly said that The Dark Knight Rises will be the best movie of all time. And now, it pains me to say that it does not quiet live up to my extremely high expectations, but is still a great movie.

Our first question asks “if The Dark Knight Rises is better than The Dark Knight”. Like a politician, I will do my best to side step this question. From a critical viewpoint, The Dark Knight is clearly the better movie. It was the Batman that everyone wanted to see. Every single scene was executed to perfection and Heath Ledger gave us the best Joker and maybe the best embodiment of any character to date. However, I will say that Rises doesn’t feel as tedious as The Dark Knight. The 2 hour and 45 minute epic feels short. And while Bane was no Joker, Hardy also delivers an exceptional performance. Bane was strong, ruthless, and a truly chilling villain. He also brought something different to series. There was a calm about him along with his calculated nature, which brought a new and interesting dynamic to the villains of Nolan’s Batman.

Our second question asks, “how are the action scenes and was it cool when Batman and Catwoman teamed up?” If you go into this movie thinking that you will see Batman kick-ass, you will, but only for a short amount of time. Rises is not about Batman as much as it is about every other character. I realize from a storytelling perspective why Batman wasn’t in the movie, I just wish that he was. To be more direct about this question, there are about just as many action scenes in Rises as The Dark Knight. In regards to Batman and Catwoman, together they make a great team. When they fight, the most interesting thing to watch is the dynamic between the two. Batman is clearly the leader because of his experience, while Catwoman underestimates her enemies and makes rookie mistakes . However, I feel that Hathaway stood out more and did a great job in the sultry and seductive role of Selina Kyle.

The next question asks, “do you think that the five month bomb was a cop-out?” Honestly, while I was watching the film, I didn’t even question the bomb, but now it’s all anybody wants to talk about. And after reading hundreds of forum threads about this, I can still say that I am fine with how the five month bomb played out. But you may ask, why wouldn’t Bane just blow up Gotham the first day? Well, in the movie, Bane says that he wants to give false hope to the city and then take it away. Also, he wants to Batman to watch as his city tears itself apart. I can see why people are upset about the bomb but for me, I justify it by telling myself that Bane, like most of the other villains, is crazy and wants to torment, which may be his downfall. If anything, this just reminds me that we are watching a superhero film, where the villains get caught in their monologue while the hero has time to save the world. This is just the extended version.

Now let’ talk about some things that stood out to me.

Bane’s Voice:

There was definitely a change from the first trailer to what voice actually made it in the film. They may not want us to believe it but I believe they digitally altered and enhanced his voice. In fact they did too much to it. Bane’s voice was definitely louder than any other person’s in the whole movie. There just seemed to be some balance issue that I’m not sure anyone paid attention to. John Blake and Commissioner Gordon’s voices where practically inaudible. Bane’s voice has now become a huge joke but honestly, I thought worked perfectly. The digital effect added to how cold and chilling Bane could be.

Bane’s Death:

While the concluding fight scene between Batman and Bane was spectacular and had the best hand to hand combat in the series, ultimately Bane ends up dying in less than a second from Catwoman’s surprise attack. This was so lame and a terrible way for Bane to die.  The entire movie Bane was this threatening and unstoppable force but Catwoman takes him down with one shot, almost undermining how tough a villain Bane was the first 90% of the movie. This was not the type of death that Bane deserved.

The Pawn Bane:

Face it, Bane was put in the friend zone. We (guys) have all been there and know how it feels. Let us all observe a moment of silence for him. All I’m going to say about this is that the love between Talia and Bane is not a normal love that we can understand. But from the outside it looks like Talia just uses Bane to do her dirty work.

Batman’s Recovery:

The first question I have is if Bane actually broke Batman’s back or did he just hurt it. If Bane just hurt it, the recovery time for Batman makes complete sense and fits perfectly in the time line. If Bane actually broke Batman’s back then it would take longer than a few months and pushing a vertebrae into place to fix that.

Speaking of hurting/breaking Batman’s back. That scene had me cringing in my seat. It was so perfect and Nolan paid his respects to Batman fans everywhere. That was the point in the film where you realized just how strong Bane was. It was shocking to see how easy it was for Bane to lift Batman above his head. Overall, it was just uncomfortable to see my hero get beaten up so easily.


If super hero movies can get an oscar then Michael Cain deserves best supporting actor. With only about ten minutes of screen time, he delivered an emotional performance that got the audience tearing up. Alfred is basically Bruce’s dad and takes over both parents’ responsibilities. In a movie with one of the biggest all-star casts, he stands out by far as the actor, who you can tell, was the most immersed in the role.

Cafe Ending

There seems to be a theory out there that Alfred is just dreaming up the cafe scene at the end and that Batman actually died. While this could be the case, there are two times where Nolan clearly wants this to be real. First, when Fox realizes that auto pilot was fixed a long time ago and second when, at the reading of Bruce’s will, they notice that the necklace is gone. So, Nolan wanted to make it clear as day that this was the real ending and tried to get stop all the inception talk. This obviously failed.

Still, Rises is a great movie that made me happy. If there is anything you want to talk about or anything I missed, feel free to leave a comment.


3 thoughts on “The Dark Knight Rises – Spoiler Review

  1. Nice to be able to talk somewhere without spoiling anything! I agree 100% about Bane’s death, that to me was the only real weak point. Just an awesome character, perfectly portrayed by Hardy, and killed in a really quick way, left me very disappointed. Also not sure how Batman got back into Gotham after it was locked down, but then again he is Batman!! Other than that, an excellent movie. Nice write up!

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