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The Devil Inside (2011) Movie Review

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Rated: R

Run Time: 83 min

I like scary movies. I really do. I’ll even say that I like exorcism movies. They have lost their luster though. It seems as though everyone and their mom can make an exorcism movie these days. Well The Devil Inside is the one your 5-year-old brother tried to make. Yes, the scares are there, and some scenes are very tense, but that does not make a movie. This one proves that point. (RANT WARNING WHEN IT GETS TO THE SPOILERS PART)

We follow Isabella, a girl, whose mother is supposedly possessed. She travels to Rome where her mother is being held by the church. She is filming a documentary about exorcisms and whether or not they are real. While in Rome she befriends a priest and an exorcist who are performing exorcisms without the church’s permission. That’s it. You witness a couple exorcisms and the credits roll. What a load of poop.

Spoilers at this point, but they’re more like a time saver. The whole time you think the story is gonna lead up to some super exorcism with the mom, who is clearly set up as the central focus of the film. Well you get that exorcism but they rush into about halfway into the film. Then it’s like they tried to piece  together some BS 2nd act on a concept that is only briefly mentioned in the first part of the film. Speaking of acts, there isn’t even a 3rd act to speak of. The movie just ends all of a sudden. Absolutely no conflicts are resolved. You don’t know if the mom is actually OK. You don’t know what the exorcist did, something that the “demons” repeatedly mentioned. You don’t know if the characters died, or if they go on to haunt the world.

Everyone ends up being possessed except the  exorcist, which is dumb, because he seemed to be the most mentally unstable out of  the surviving three. The first one that gets possessed by transference is the priest, really the priest. He was by far the strongest of the four so it makes no sense for him to get transferred to. His little descent into possession was rushed way to much. They had some cool scenes where they clearly show that he is possessed. Our leading lady though is too stupid to realize that hey there is something wrong with the guy eating a sandwich in a pitch black room in the middle of the night. They are all so dumb. You would think that these supposed experts on exorcisms would have some idea on what a descent into possession looked like. But no these boys scouts get picked off one by one.

The lack of a third act is really something annoying. It’s not that I didn’t get any sort of closure. It’s because it plays itself off as one of those true story movies, with a dumb website you can go to for more info. Look people, that didn’t work with The Fourth Kind and it’s not going to work here. This movie is an absolute mess. The characters are one-dimensional and plastic. The plot has more holes in it than a Louis Sachar book. What a colossal waste of an hour and ten minutes. I thought I would find a movie that had been unfairly treated by people and critics, but I found that they went too easy on it.

0.5 out of 10


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