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Battleship (2012)

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2 hrs 11 min

Worldwide Gross: $302,836,260

Poor Taylor Kitsch. The star from one of my favorite television shows, Friday Night Lights, has been under tough scrutiny for all of his major blockbusters. Though, I will defend John Carter as being a good movie with poor advertising. Hopefully a movie like Battleship won’t sink his career too early.


Battleship starts by showcasing Alex Hopper’s (Kitsch) failure in life thus far so that later in the film he can show the audience how he has matured and becomes the hero. He is unemployed, always in trouble with the law, and sleeping on his brother’s couch. After quite possibly the most ridiculous and frightening (creepy isn’t a strong enough word) attempt to impress a girl at the local bar goes awry, his brother forces him to join the Navy. In the Navy, Hopper is still a trouble maker, yet unrealistically seems to outrank most of his ship, thus leaving him in charge when aliens attack the fleet.

Most of the time plot holes are not a big deal. I go into a movie suspending disbelief and accept what I see on screen. Some may say that is a sign of an ignorant critic but I think the opposite. If you watch every movie with a hyper critical eye, all of the fun and enjoyment will be lost. That being said, I could not help but question some plot choices.

However, the most egregious act is fully explaining why the aliens have come to Earth, besides to use our communication device and the film never explains why they don’t attack humans. All of my questions come from a half-baked plot simply put in place to introduce aliens. It was an easy way to try and dazzle and misdirect the audience with outstanding special effects, rather than write a leak proof and gripping story.

After the trailer came out for Battleship, many people, myself included, made fun of the fact they the movie was based on the classic board game of the same title. However, the way the film integrates the board game was one of it’s more clever ideas.

Everything was in place for a great big blockbuster action flick. However, there was no execution. The audience could tell that the director and actors didn’t take themselves very seriously and the rest of the movie fell flat. If you can go into Battleship as just an alien invasion movie and expect nothing more, you will be pleased.  In all reality, Battleship is trying to be Transformers little brother.

6.0 out of 10

“Is this a super secret surprise Navy exercise? Cuz if so, they’ve gone way to far.”


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