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MinoMonsters (iOS)

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Do you like Pokemon? If you answered yes, then MinoMonsters is a free iPhone app that cuts the Pokemon gameplay to just catching and battling monsters.

What makes this game so addicting is its simplicity. There are about four different islands and within those islands, there are a few different areas. In each area, you battle little minions to gain experience. In every area, there are different Minos unique to that zone, which the user can catch. Usually, there is one normal and one rare Mino. When you defeat a enemies, then you have to wait for new enemies to respond. After you capture Minos, you can teach them new abilities and evolve them. And just like Pokemon, there are different types of Minos (Fire, Wind, Water, Etc… ) which play a giant game of rock-paper-scissors. Having different types of high level Minos is usually a beneficial strategy.

This is a completionist’s  game because it has no real story. All you know is that you crashed somewhere in the middle of the ocean and are fighting this wonderful creatures. When I play, my goal is to collect all the unique Minos and find out what cool abilities each one has. That’s really how they draw players back to the game. Sometimes, you will run in to common Minos, sometimes you will run into rare Minos, and sometimes you wont find any. But every time you do run into a rare Mino, it’s like Christmas morning and I get excited about the game all over again.

Also, most free apps these days force you to buy in app currency to beat the game, but that’s not the case here. This is a game you can complete without buying anything from the store and that’s definitely a bonus.

MinoMonsters is definitely a gem in the app store that every person should download and have on their device. MinoMonsters is polished, refined, and has a unique style. It’s easy to tell that the creators put a lot of time and effort to make such a great game. If you are not sold yet, check out this video of gameplay.

10out of ten

Download MinoMonsters Here


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