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Cloud Atlas (2012)

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Rated: R

2 hrs 44 min

Staff Writer: Nathaniel Brayton


 Cloud Atlas is a 3 hour long behemoth of a movie but more than that Could Atlas is an experience that begs more than one viewing.

It is my belief that the reaction of an audience, however slight it may be, tells the truth of what they had just witnessed.  After watching Looper, the audience I was among sat still in stunned silence trying to decide if they liked or disliked what they just watched.  After Cloud Atlas, the three other strangers and I at the 10 AM showing sat quiet just like in Looper. However, this time we weren’t trying to decide if we liked the film; in that moment we all realized that we had ridden the same crazy roller coaster. For that brief moment before we all stepped back into the lights and sounds of kids screaming and the arcade of the theater, we felt connected.

Or at least, that is my account.

A movie, which elicits that big of emotional response from me has done something right.

Cloud Atlas, as best I can explain it, follows many different stories throughout time  (the future included) exposing the repetition and similarities of human nature. To drive home this point many of the main actors, if not all, are used in each time period.

 The best thing about this film is that each of the six stories could have been a movie of their own but they were interwoven together so effortlessly. That is not to say that I enjoyed every story. There was one arc that just felt out of place from the rest of the film, and when it came on screen I couldn’t wait for it to jump back to the other stories.

Cloud Atlas cannot be fully realized just by my or anyone else’s words alone. It’s more than just a film, it’s an experience that keeps the audience thinking and talking even after watching.  Cloud Atlas will mean something different for every person, so I recommend that everyone go out to enjoy this gem that seems to be overlooked.

8.5 out of 10

“Our lives are not our own. We are bound to others. Past and present. And by each crime; and every kindness we birth our future.”

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