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The Campaign (2012)

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Rated: R

1 hr 37 min

Staff Writer: Nathaniel Brayton

When it comes to comedies, there needs to be a perfect combination of great writing (unique and funny), creative ideas, and strategically used profanity.  And unfortunately The Campaign was not funny.

Well, let me explain myself.  The Campaign went for the cheap easy laughs, and about every ten minuets I found myself chuckling. But a film is not just a bunch of individual scenes put together; it has to be cohesive and flow.

Ever since Superbad, there is this belief that comedies just have to be as crude and vulgar as possible and that’s what this film went for. I also feel that these types of comedies are part of the generation of people who like the reality show Jersey Shore. This is what is holding us back from greatness. It’s just sad because this film casted two of the smartest comedic actors in the business and didn’t use any of their talent.

Where this film exceeded was when it was purely a commentary of the political process.  I thought the whole “It’s a mess platform” that Zach Galafianakis ran on was pure genius.  And when the townspeople brought their brooms to the debates, I thought that was extremely clever. The Campaign should have tried to write a better script solely as a parody with witty dialogue instead having the adults talk like immature teenage boys.

I would not vote for The Campaign.  It’s a film that had great potential to be hilarious, but took me out of the experience with every dumb/foul mouthed moment.

5.5 out of ten

Side Note – It’s not that I mind cussing or being vulgar, but I believe it needs to serve a purpose other than for a cheap laugh.


One thought on “The Campaign (2012)

  1. Good review Nathaniel. It definitely has some funny moments, but also still feels like it should have been a lot more biting with it’s satire, and also, a hell of a lot funnier to be honest. However, Will and Zach make this a lot more fun than it had any right to be.

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