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Breaking Dawn: Part 1


Rated: PG-13

1 hr 48 mins

Staff Writer: Nathaniel Brayton

Nothing happens in this movie. Part 1 starts with the wedding of Bella and Edward, which was nice, but after that the film becomes a Lifetime movie channel borefest. In fact, the film teases the audience with moments of great tension, which never escalate and always end in a teenage hair flip or storm off.

There are a few things Part 1 does well. First, some of the makeup, particularly when making Bella look ill, was phenomenal. Also, this was Kristen Stewart’s best performance in the series thus far. However, don’t let that fool you into thinking that the acting in this movie will blow you away; it won’t.

And now the bad.

The main complaint I’ve had with the Twilight films is the lack of explanation. If you have not read the books, like me, the most important plot devices are left unexplained. It makes the viewing experience very frustrating.

All the writing in the film is not all that great, but Jacob’s lines are particularly bad. Now, I’m sure this is a combination of his delivery and poor writing, but someone needs to read the script out loud before passing it along.

The scene when the wolf pack is communicating telepathically is horrendous. The voice over work is so cheesy that it makes me wonder if the director and editors are doing this on purpose. They have to be right?

And finally, I’m not even sure I like where the story is headed any more. It seems to me that making Jacob imprint on that girl was an easy way out to make everyone happy.

But, if you are a teenage girl or middle aged mom you still might enjoy this? I’m not entirely sure.

If you have just ten minutes, let someone explain the plot instead of wasting any time or money. They will probably do a better job at it anyway.

4.0out of ten

“Come back to me please, baby. Please Bella…”

Box office stats thanks to

Budget: $110 million

Worldwide Gross: $705,058,657


3 thoughts on “Breaking Dawn: Part 1

  1. “But, if you are a teenage girl or middle aged mom you still might enjoy this? I’m not entirely sure.” — Nathaniel (Staff Writer)

    Middle aged mom? If I didn’t know better, I would be offended by your comment!

  2. This is really the 2nd blog, of your site I actually read. Although I actually love this one, “Breaking Dawn: Part 1 Keep It Reel Reviews” the very best.

    Thank you -Ross

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