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Red Dawn (2012)

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Rated: PG-13

1 hr 33 min

Staff Writer: Alison Nitsche

I went into Red Dawn not knowing anything about the 1984 version, and left the theatre not even a little curious to see it.

By far the best part of this movie was the action sequences.  My heart was racing during all the stunts, and every explosion looked incredibly real.  But that was the only thing Red Dawn got right.

Whoever hired the actors did a terrible job because each part was a miscast.  There were several famous names in the film, but unfortunately none of them performed well. Chris Hemsworth out-acted every other character, but this still was not a good performance by him.  This movie wrapped up filming a few years ago and took a while to hit the big screen, and I’m betting Hemsworth wouldn’t accept this part now even if you begged him.  Josh Peck tried his hardest and I wanted to like him so badly, but ultimately I think he should stick to playing himself on Nickelodeon.  Now I don’t want to be too harsh on the actors and actresses because they didn’t have much to work with.  People tend to make fun of the writing in Star Wars, but the dialogue in any one of those movies could run circles around Red Dawn.

The other thing that really irked me was the plot.  It was cool how the director implemented current political events, but everything after the first 5 minutes seemed completely implausible.  Even with Peeta, Thor, Tom Cruise’s son, and the almost-Wonder Woman (Adrianne Palicki) there is no way a small group of teenagers who got their hands on a few guns could have been that large of a threat to the North Korean army that invaded the US.  Red Dawn attempted to be a serious action film but contained such an outlandish plot that made it seem like the director was just trying too hard.

5.75 out of 10


One thought on “Red Dawn (2012)

  1. Good review. To me, this movie was crap and didn’t do anything to enhance or build-upon the original. I didn’t love the original a single-bit, but it looks like a freakin’ masterpiece compared to this garbage.

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