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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

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Rated: M


If you like getting cussed out online by foul mouthed teens, then Black Ops 2 is the game for you. But seriously, logging on to BLOPS 2  multiplayer practically guarantees that you will hear racism, sexism, vulgar language or all of the above. But do not let that deter you from one of the best multiplayer experience’s that video games have to offer.






If you really do care about the single player campaign, you will notice that while BLOPS 2 is the typical, action-packed, more explosions than a Michael Bay movie thrill ride, it tries to distinguish itself from its predecessors. The are a few critical moments in the campaign which have an effect on the story. They have also added gameplay where the player can control different units (soldiers, turrets, etc…) either individually or at the same time, almost like an RTS game. And finally, part of the game takes place in the future, so some of the tech and weapons are very fun to use.  However, even with these changes, the very short campaign falls short not only of great storytelling games but of other games in the COD franchise.


COD is not about the single player anymore; It’s about logging onto XBOX Live, talking smack to little kids, and worrying about your K/D.

The new Pick 10 system allows players to customize their load outs with great creativity. If you don’t want a secondary weapon, you don’t have to have one. Add 3 attachements to one gun or have 2 grenades; almost anything is possible.

I love this multiplayer experience, even if I do get frustrated to the point where I want to throw my controller across the room.  If you are new to COD games or haven’t played in a while like myself, then you will die.

The fact of the matter is that COD is the biggest FPS multiplayer experience. And while I know that bigger is not always better, BLOPS 2 and the whole COD franchise is still in my top multiplayer games. And that’s why I think people keep buying these new iterations; because they are fun. Even if it’s the same game over and over again, it’s enough to make me shell out $60.

O yeah, there are zombies too.








7.0 out of 10


9.0out of 10

“F****** Menedez”


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