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Site Update #1

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Thank you all for supporting our passion for films and games. We have hit 3,000 views, so we are off to a great start. To be honest, we are humbled that people actually read our posts.

Keep It Reel Reviews started about 4 years ago as a site on Blogger, originally titled Missed The Previews Reviews. When we made the transition over to WordPress, we did not transfer over any of our original posts. But now, since we are an established site, we are going to start moving those old reviews over.

Looking back on my first reviews, I realize that my writing was pretty rough. However, I believe that those orignal reviews should not be edited to show the progress that we have made. Therefore, we will post them in their entirety.

So, any reviews from our orignal site that are posted will have “Archive” in the title and will have the orignal date posted towards the top.

Thank you for your patience while we make this move. But hopefully, some of these old reviews will be entertaining for you.

We have added a new tab to the top of our site called “Once A year”, which lists the movies that our staff watches at least one time annually. Check it out and post your list.

Also, the new episode of The Perfect T.E.N. Podcast is up. Check it out here ->  Episode 21: Witcher Opinion



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