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Surrogates (2009) “Archive”

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Rated: PG-13

1 hr 29 min

Budget: $80 mil

Worldwide Gross: $122,444,772

If you could chose what you would and who you are, would you change?

Recently, Surrogates (2009), starting Bruce Willis, found its way into my DVD player. Bruce plays, Tom Greer, a believable cop (not un-familiar territory) torn up between his son’s death and his wife’s depression. In the future, all everyday interactions take place using surrogates, robot bodies which can be made to look like anyone. Surrogates are controlled entirely by the user’s mind after they sit in a chair that Dr. Frankenstein would be proud to own.

Only a small percentage of the population resist the idea of using surrogates, claiming that people who use them are living a lie. Using technology as a mask is a big theme throughout this film.  The resistance lives like hippies in the run-down corner of the city, blindly following their leader. After crossing into this surrogate free society, Tom finds himself in a battle that leaves him without his surrogate. After remembering what it’s like to not rely on a surrogate, he starts to question their impact on society. The film makes the audience question how far can/will technology advance until it starts to run/ruin our lives? It’s a plot found in many movies (The Matrix, I, Robot), so there are no surprise punches here. Some people claim that technology today is out of control. What’s your take on the subject? The movie also calls into question what it means to human (a topic to have many discussions on). But even with all these ideas and examinations of human society, Surrogates didn’t make me think at all. Instead, my mind just shut off and went numb.

The story revolves around finding the identity of a surrogate killer, one of the first crimes ever since using surrogates, and to figure out his/her motivation. The concept is very interesting, however, with forgettable characters and a limited scope of the surrogate universe, the movie relies heavily on being a popcorn action flick.

Surrogates tries to take on too much. In reality we know that most people are going to see it because of Bruce Willis, well, being Bruce Willis, which entails kicking lots of ass. The movie was rushed and never had a good payoff. It’s also predictable and will soon be forgotten in the sci-fi genre. I’d say it’s worth a rent if every other movie on your list is out of stock but just before you turn on a SyFy channel original movie.

But seriously, I think it’s time for Willis to start being selective of his roles. What do you all think? Is Bruce still and A-lister?

If you like this movie you might also want to check out; Gamer, The Matrix, and eXistenZ.


“Honey, I don’t know what you are. I mean, for all I know, you could be some big, fat dude sitting in his stim chair with his d*** hanging out.”

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