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Into the Wild (2007) – Archive

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*Originally Posted on June 23, 2011*

Rated: R

2 hr 20 min

Budget: N/A

Worldwide Gross: $56,255,142

Talk about #beingaboss. Christopher McCandless (Hirsch), plays a young man who is fed up and can no longer fathom a materialistic lifestyle. So, one day he gives up all his life, his dysfunctional family (parents), his loving sister, his life savings and this conventional style of life for one of living on the land. The movie opens, with Chris arriving in Alaska where he marvels at the wonder and beauty of the land. Quick, however, he finds all that braving the elements and hunting for food is not as easy as it seems. This is when we are thrust two years before to where this adventure begins. Along the way, he makes friends with many groups of people. He rekindles a lost flame from a traveling hippie couple, he takes on a blue-collar job (not so legal), and he fill the void of a Army veteran who has lost his family. By the end of this movie, Chris touches the lives of every one he encounters, by showing them a new perspective on life and living. The performances are top notch, especially from Kristen Stewart, who play’s a young hippie musician and crushes on Chris. If by the end of this movie, you do not tear up, you should move to Alaska and take in the view, because what is shown here is not a story about survival, but rather a man who is living.

Sean Penn has proved not only to be a great actor but also a top-notch director.  Into the Wild offers a unique perspective on what it takes to have a fulfilled life. I’m going to apply the series finale of Lost to this film. Like in the Lost ending, it’s not about answering all the questions, rather, it’s about the journey and relationships you make along the way. Into the Wild proves that it’s your friendships and impact on other people that lead to a full life. Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go wrestle a bear.



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