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Law Abiding Citizen (2009) – Archive


*Originally Posted on June 23, 2011*

Rated: R

1 hr 48 min

Budget: $50 mil

Worldwide Gross: $126,690,726

Totally implausible? Probably. Tons of Gerard Butler kicking ass and taking names? Defiantly. If you are one of those people who tears movies apart for being unrealistic, Law Abiding Citizen is not for you. 

Clyde Shelton (Butler), just a ‘normal’ man living his life, has his wife and child brutally murdered and raped in front of him from two despicable men. Clyde’s lawyer, Nick Rice (Jaime Foxx), cuts a deal with the man who actually murdered Clyde’s family, because if he didn’t then both criminals would walk free. After a seeing Rice in a compromising position with his family’s killer, he decides that “that s*** won’t fly.” Thus begins his ten year plan to get revenge, not just on his family’s killer, but on the entire flawed justice system. The thing about this movie is, that at first you agree with what Clyde is going to do, but then you’re like, “this guy is crazy” after he starts killing innocent people. You also get to find out some secrets about Clyde’s past to make you question his “upstanding citizen” status. However ridiculous the plot of this movie is, I enjoyed it at the time, so I guess that says something about it’s entertainment value. Law Abiding Citizen is a weak attempt at a political statement but is thrilling at its core.



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