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The Bounty Hunter (2010) – Archive

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Originally Posted on June 23,2011

Rated: PG-13

1 hr 46 min

Budget: $40 mil

Worldwide Gross: $134,333,522

Not as bad as everyone says it is. Does that mean it’s worth your time? Probably not. The Bounty Hunter is predictable and cliche. The only thing going for it is the two pieces of eye candy in Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston. The sad thing is, this film had the potential to be passable rom-com. However, after the introduction of two bafoon henchmen, you pretty much know what you’re in for.

Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston are ex husband an wife. After working in law enforcement, Butler becomes a bounty hunter. And his next victim? You guessed it-his ex-wife. Shananaigns (“Hey Farvo, whats that restaurant you like?”) occur as she does not want to be taking to jail becuase she working on some investigation. Blah Blah Blah. They fall back in love blah. And you know the rest. I will say however, there are some touching moments between the two which brought some life back into this stale flick. Overall, The Bounty Hunter, seems to be slapped together, hanging on with two big name actors. If taken more seriously, it could have been worth your money. That being said, just stay away.



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