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Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

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Rated: PG-13

1 hr 33 min

Staff Writer: Nathaniel Brayton

movies-3Moonrise Kingdom puts its awkward foot forward, but is still one of the best coming of age films in recent years. Directed by Wes Anderson, who laces his films with dead-pan humor, Moonrise Kingdom highlights the common struggles of adolescents around the world. Sam Shakusky is attending a stereotypical summer camp, when one day he takes off to meet Suzy Bishop, who lives on the other side of their small island. Sam, who is an orphan, doesn’t fit in with the other camp members. Suzy suffers from anger management problems, along with unresponsive parents, one who is in an affair and the other who is a drunk (Bill Murray). When the two meet, their interactions are short but meaningful. Now, everyone on the island is on the search for these two, including the under-appreciated camp counselor (Edward Norton) and the cop who doesn’t seem like he has ever had to do his job (Bruce Willis).


The best thing about this film is that Sam and Suzy seem to be on a different plane than anyone else on the island, adult or child. The hardships in their lives allow them to form a connection that no one else can understand. However, they still are kids; so they have to deal with all these issues and growing up at the same time. By the end of the film, Sam and Suzy change many lives in the small world around them.

You will probably enjoy this film in you are into quirky romantic comedies. You probably won’t like this film if you despise hipsters, indie stylized films, or Wes Anderson.

I will say there is a scene on the beach that is a little uncomfortable and awkward to watch. However, I wouldn’t want to remove the scene because it makes the film feel real.

With all of the crazy adventures, Moonrise Kingdom was a pleasant surprise this year.



score updated on Jan 28th,2013

out of 10

“Why do you consider me your enemy?”

          -Because you girlfriend stabbed me in the back with her lefty scissors.”


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