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Trouble With Curve (2012)

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Rated: PG-13

1 hr 51 min

Staff Writer: Alison Nitsche


Trouble with the Curve is a baseball melodrama, and although it is not action-packed in the least, overall the movie is worthwhile to see so long as you don’t expect a fast paced film. 

This baseball recruiting movie revolves around an aging scout, Gus (Clint Eastwood), who ends up on his recruiting trip with his daughter (played by Amy Adams).  Although the father-daughter relationship is very strained, Gus is a crotchety old man and Adams’ character is an uptight lawyer with trust issues, the dysfunctional duo have their heartwarming moments as well.
 Each actor played his or her role very well, but that is to be expected with the experienced veteran actors the movie chose to cast.  Even Justin Timberlake’s character, Johnny, fits in well with the dramatic scenes.  But of course, JT plays the usual smooth-talking heartthrob you can’t help but fall for (basically he isn’t acting, he’s playing himself).  The only real aspect where the movie falls short is that it is quiet dull.  The plot is good, but very, very predictable.
 While Trouble with the Curve might not be a grand slam, it earns an RBI in my opinion.  My only suggestion is if you don’t care much for baseball in the first place, then you should skip this film.


out of 10

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