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The Walking Dead Video Game

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Staff Writer: Nathaniel Brayton

Studio: TellTale Games


Games like The Walking Dead are the reason why I play video games. Telltale Games has created the most encapsulating story experience that I have ever played. 

You play as Lee, a professor on his way to prison when the outbreak occurs. Quickly, you meet Clementine, a young child who will become the person you care more about than anyone else. By the end of the game, you realize that you may have needed Clementine just as much, or more, than she needed you. Along the way, you meet a plethora of different kinds of people; there are families, bandits, and of course zombies. But not everyone you meet is nice or trustworthy, which forces the player to pick their words and actions carefully. In this world, humanity is given a fresh start, where every person’s true colors become apparent.

The Walking Dead is a point and click exploring adventure game. The story progresses by the players’ interactions with the NPCs. Most of the time, you have to make a quick decision about how to react and what to say in each situation. Every choice you make is calculated and shapes the outcome of the game. One unique game mechanic is when you make an important decision, a text box will appear at the top of the screen saying how your decision affects the game or the people around you. This mechanic makes the player realize just how significant each choice they make is. I also believe that the game is trying to make a statement about real life decisions to show people that everything they say in the real world has some type of effect.


The art style is very unique and while it has many aspects of a cartoon, the faces and expressions of the characters are very realistic. The best part of this game is the way it made me feel like I was playing the part of the main character. I really immersed myself in the game and tried to make every decision as I think I would if I were in this actual situation. For me personally, I tired to make all the right decisions that would protect Clementine and my group. However, I can’t wait to replay the game as a complete jerk and see how that changes my fate.

You should know that although the game has zombies in it, it is not really a zombie game. They are used as a catalyst for all the moral decisions you have to make. It is a game of humanity and ethics. The Walking Dead is a great advancement for the game industry. Telltale Games has achieved the next step in storytelling and has created one of, if not the, most emotionally gripping games I have ever played.


out of 10


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