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Man of Steel


Rated: PG-13

2 hrs 23 min

Staff Writer: Nathaniel Brayton


Man of Steel is better than The Avengers, and so far my favorite film of the year, hands down. It has a huge amount of heart and more morality/philosophical dilemas in the first ten minutes, than all of Into Darkness. And, I can not believe the amount of negativity it is receiving. Stop the hating; Man of Steel is the Superman movie we have been waiting for. 

While Man of Steel is an origin story, it cleverly weaves flashbacks of life changing events into the story of an older Clark Kent, who is searching for where he comes from. I was very surprised and glad that they steered away from chronological story-telling. It gives the audience the chance to witness the most important events in Superman’s life, without sacrificing any action and going into any meaningless and boring exposition. Many people have been saying that the story is weak and thin, but they couldn’t be more wrong. There is so much story packed into this film, just in a different/better way than they are used to. The flashbacks work to keep excellent pacing throughout the film without it ever feeling stagnate.

Sometimes films have a lot of story and it doesn’t mean anything, but that’s not the case here. Every flashback and conversation in the movie adds another layer. It gives the audience another perspective to think about that they never would have otherwise. Not to mention that are so many moments that pull on your hearts strings, it’s hard not to be sucked into Man of Steel when these moments are paired with the amazing score of Hans Zimmer. It was, for me, a very emotional movie.

The BEST thing that Man of Steel accomplishes is making us see the true powers of Superman. It did an amazing job of showing how powerful he is in comparison to humans. We see that he is extremely fast and powerful with fights spaning across multiple cities in just a few seconds. These are some of the best fight scenes in any movie. I remember being blown away at the last fight scene in The Avengers, when they all team up and start working together. Man of Steel puts that to shame. Everything is perfect, you feel the size and scale of what’s happening on screen. Words can’t describe just how awesome it was.

Man of Steel blew me away. Znyder has created a brand new aesthetic that exposes more of the darker side of Superman. And Man of Steel finally captures what is so cool about Superman. It’s not that he is strong or can fly. What makes Superman cool is how he struggles with not knowing his real parents, finding his place amongst us, if there even is one, and ultimately, what it means to be human.

Man of Steel pushes new limits in cinema. It strives to be something great when other films are content with being mediocre.


out of 10

“You have to keep this side of yourself a secret.

          What was I supposed to do? Let them die?

Maybe . . .”


8 thoughts on “Man of Steel

  1. Good review Natahaniel. I didn’t love it, but it was fine for what it is. Definitely could have been a lot better and more edited-down by the end.

  2. Definitely the best film of the year! Good review and so far you are the only person who has given this film a higher score than me 😀

  3. It had a lot of problems, but yes it was certainly entertaining and I really enjoyed it.

  4. Agreed. Finally somone with enough heart to admit that the Avengers is not as good as a movie as it was hyped to be. Avengers was nooring, convoluted, boring, with 10 mins of real action. MoS realized why develop characters we have known all of our lives, reinvent them. The movie was familiar yet fresh. Loved it!

  5. I think the main reason MOS was better than The Avengers was the villains. Loki was hard to take as a serious threat. In fact, his defeat was just comic-fodder for Hulk. (Puny God!) I admit, I did chuckle at that, but I never felt even once, that The Avengers were in any real trouble.

    Now..ZOD. Wow! What a menacing villain. DEtermined to end everything, and believes he is in the right with what he is doing. You weren’t going to stop him unless you went all out. Which Kal did, to extremes, but it was necessary. Despite what cost Metropolis paid.

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