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Monsters University


Rated: G

1 hr 47 min

Staff Writer: Nathaniel Brayton


While Monsters University passes as a solid animated film, it lacks the originality and creativity of the original, as it falls into a predictable paint-by-numbers plot. 

The recipe is simple; take two best friends and set them where they first met, mix in a shared adversity, and sprinkle in the fact they aren’t friends at the beginning but become besties by the end, and you have the plot to one episode of every TV sitcom. The fact that Pixar recycles and uses this formula for their next big film is LAZY.

But don’t get me wrong, Monsters U puts a good film on screen and generates a few laughs.  But that’s not enough. I have to hold Pixar to a higher standard for animated films based on their previous works. Pixar has the reputation of being the innovators and I think they dropped the ball here. For that reason I have to be tough on the score I give MU.

In the end, Pixar should have made a real sequel that challenged our imaginations instead of cashing in on the brand of Monsters Inc.

7.0     C-

 out of 10

“I can’t go back to jail!”


2 thoughts on “Monsters University

  1. Nice review Nathaniel. It has a sweet message, but doesn’t even come close to reaching the heights of the original.

  2. I see where you’re coming from on this film, but I think it’s worth noting the homage this movie pays to the college film genre. While the plot is rote, that’s also the nature of the films it is aping (Revenge of the Nerds being an obvious example). In any case, I agree that it wasn’t on the level of its predecessor. Perhaps if Pete Docter had been more involved?

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