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The Wolverine

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Rated: PG-13

2 hrs 6 min

Staff Writer: Nathaniel Brayton


The claws are back.  And while this installment is better than 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, it still suffers the same fatal flaws of every other X-Men film. 

While there are many problems, there was one very big bright spot in The Wolverine that saved it from becoming like the origin movie.  The film did an excellent job of incorporating the Japanese culture, aesthetic, and themes.  And it wasn’t in a very subtle way; The Wolverine boldly brought these elements to the forefront, making them integral to the story and overall feel of the film. But in all honesty, if you remove the mutant element, the quality rises and The Wolverine transforms into a better film about the inheritance of a powerful corporation, the Japanese mafia, and ninjas .

‘We only care about Logan/Wolverine’ should be the motto of the entire X-Men franchise. Hollywood has fallen into the trap of solely focusing on Wolverine. This wouldn’t be a problem, unless you consider how the X-Men are a TEAM of unique international mutants, each bringing to the table different elements and skills.  Even in The Wolverine, the other mutants who are apart of the story seem flat and cheesy in comparison to Logan. They don’t have any depth or life to them, and that’s by design.

The first 45 min of The Wolverine are amazing;  it tells the compelling story of how Logan, a prisoner of war, saves the life of his captor. But by the end, somehow the film has digressed into a giant boss battle intended to be the climax, but ends up feeling forced and boring.

In the end, The Wolverine under-utilizes the mutants, the most important part of the X-Men universe. However, it still delivers awesome hand-to-hand action, while adding ninjas. The Wolverine is entertaining but still leaves much to be desired from the X-Men brand.

7.5   C+

out of 10

“Trust me, bub, you don’t want what I got.”


One thought on “The Wolverine

  1. They just can’t seem to get this right, this was the closest though 😀

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